Work Smarter, Faster, And Easier With These Top Glass Tools

Work Smarter, Faster, And Easier With These Top Glass Tools

When it comes to repairing or replacing auto glass, doing the job right means having the right tools to do the job.

Continually investing in the necessary tools, especially replenishment tools such as blades and wire cutters, is a key factor in your ongoing success. So, let’s look at a few of today’s top tools. If you don’t have these in your shop, you’re missing out. They help make each job go quickly, efficiently, and professionally while reducing physical strain on your technicians.

Equalizer® Viper™

Designed for small quarter-glass removals, this wire removal device also works on windshields and back glasses. Small, light, and easy to maneuver, the reel’s double direction capability makes it versatile, and the ratchet shaft’s magnetic points keep it firmly attached in any situation.

Equalizer® Raptor™

This powerful glass removal device benefits from a unique suction cup powered by Equalizer’s AirForce™ Constant Vacuum Cup technology. It adheres to the glass, stays in place and doesn’t move no matter the temperature – even in severe cold. Featuring a low-profile design, it’s easy to grip, charges quickly, and has a long battery life.

Equalizer® Ambush™

A power cut-out tool with a reciprocating system, the Ambush cuts through the toughest urethane. Powered by a heavy-duty 20-volt, lithium-ion battery, it quickly removes the most difficult glass, and comes with a quick-release blade clamp.

Equalizer® Accessories
  • Power tools are great, and so is having the right accessories that make the tools work. These include Equalizer® Squire™ Wire, a new cut-out wire designed for the Raptor and Viper.


  • With its round tip, the Equalizer® Express® HydroBlade™ is ideal for cutting around radical curves in the glass, and in vehicles with corner angles sharper than 90 degrees. Plus, HydroBlades carry cutting lubricant into the urethane with every stroke for easier cutting.


  • The Equalizer® Express® Sheath allows the use of flexible blades that are still strong enough to cut through tough urethane. While it comes in only one size, the Sheath fits all Equalizer tools using Express blades.
Lil Buddy

One technician, one job, one tool. The Lil Buddy allows a single technician to easily remove and install a new windshield on location. With a suction cup holding the windshield and an arm that swings it into position, the technician can hover the glass over the vehicle to ensure it sets correctly. And by sending one technician to each job instead of two, using the Lil Buddy helps reduce your expenses so you can increase your revenue.

Need more information, or assistance on stocking up on these and other must-have tools? Contact your local Service AutoGlass rep for help.

Delta Kits EZ-200S Mini Mobile Windshield Repair System

Convenient and compact, this kit includes all the items you need to repair windshield chips and cracks. It includes the space-saving B150 Bridge Assembly, an Ignite LED UV Lamp, a Dremel tool, resins, polish, and other essentials. Everything’s packed into a handy, organized pouch that mounts on your belt so it’s all within reach.

Versatile and effective, having these tools at your disposable helps your technicians do a better job – and helps you take better care of your customers.