Top 5 Most Repaired or Replaced Windshields

Top 5 Most Repaired or Replaced Windshields


Every business likes repeat business, because that means steady business. Plus, having the same customers returning frequently creates a welcome sense of familiarity that makes each transaction a smooth, easy experience.

For most, repeat business means seeing the same people again and again. For a glass repair shop owner, it means seeing the same vehicles again and again. And since they make regular appearances in your shop, it makes good business sense to keep their windshields in stock. Not to mention, customers who own these vehicles may be a bit more familiar to you, as due to the possibility of an increase in breakage, they may be back sooner than the typical time frame.

Popular Models Mean Profitable Business

What these vehicles share in common is that they’re all popular models, so there are a lot of them traveling the highways and byways. That means more glass to get damaged. And that means more repeat business for you.

According to a report from Safelite® AutoGlass, there are five vehicles you likely see most often.

  • Chevrolet Silverado:  A rugged truck used in a lot of rugged conditions where the glass can get easily damaged. Popular with construction, landscaping, and maintenance companies.
  • Chevrolet Suburban: Another blue-collar favorite. Also popular with families always on the go.
  • Chevrolet Tahoe: This full-sized vehicle fills streets everywhere and is also a popular rental and company fleet vehicle.
  • GMC Sierra: Another heavy-duty workhorse that experiences a lot of glass dings, chips, scratches, and cracks, especially in the constructions/ contract work force.
  • GMC Yukon: A big vehicle with big glass, which is more likely to get damaged in a big way. A favorite for vacationing families and business executives, among others.

More glass to get damaged means repeat business for you.

These vehicles – and many others on the full list – are favored by the car-buying public, along with car rental companies, fleet owners, and businesses providing company cars to employees. Because of this, they’re favorites with car glass repair shops.

That means you should always stock up on the glass needed to repair these models. You’ll be pulling from your inventory on a regular basis, so be sure to keep plenty on hand. Also be sure you have the right tools and accessories available to repair or replace the glass.

For example, the Silverado, Sierra, and Yukon have all used the same glass since 1999, so you should maintain a large quantity of that particular windshield at all times. And a And a Milwaukee drill with a 90° offset angle is ideal for working on the same three vehicles.

Stay on the lookout for the vehicles on this list. You’re bound to see them each very soon, and that repeat business keeps your profit margins looking good.