Replace Your Thinking About Dealer Logo’d Replacement Glass

Replace Your Thinking About Dealer Logo’d Replacement Glass

A customer comes in for windshield repair driving a 2016 Lexus RX350. Nice car.

In fact, it’s so nice it comes with nine different windshields options. Four of them are for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) while three others are designed for HUD (Heads-up Display) technology.

Given the amount of possible parts, you infer that this specific dealer glass part is only available at a dealership. So you start calling area Lexus dealers to get the genuine part you need for the job, hoping you can get the part in the next few weeks.

Thousands of Parts in One Place

Chances are that you can the find dealer logo’d part for that Lexus, and thousands of other models at Service AutoGlass. Plus, you can also get any special tools, accessories, or sundries required to install it correctly.

Service AutoGlass maintains a vast windshield inventory in our warehouses across the country. We have a complete selection of dealer-logo’d windshields, especially for new-year, premium models, and ADAS glass.

Our delivery trucks are specifically designed to transport auto glass, reducing the possibility of your order arriving damaged. Should there be any kind of problem, you can return the glass using our no-hassle return policy, a benefit generally not offered by dealerships.

Now back to that Lexus RX350. We have eight of the nine dealer logo’d windshields, including the ADAS and HUD-configured options.

Glass Parts by The Numbers

With the growing prevalence of ADAS, HUD, and other evolving smart glass technology, you need to be sure you’re ordering the proper part for the vehicle you are servicing. This is particularly important as insurance companies sometime specify dealer logo’d parts be used for a replacement job when settling claims.

In addition, some vehicle manufacturers are also requesting only logo’d glass be used for replacement jobs. The need to recalibrate glass with ADAS is driving this demand, since generally dealers are the only ones with recalibration equipment.

You can return the glass using our no-hassle return policy, a benefit generally not offered by dealerships.

And, just like the Lexus mentioned above, a single vehicle model can have multiple windshield versions to choose from, depending on the level of ADAS and other extras for the vehicle. For example, the Jeep Cherokee has 26 different windshields available.

That makes it all the more critical you determine the specific windshield for a specific vehicle when you’re replacing one.

Dealer Logo’d Glass – Without Dealer Delays

Today, finding the correct part number is a multi-step process. You typically start with a vehicle’s VIN and then go to the dealer to find the corresponding OEM number. Once that OEM number is attained, you need to convert it to find its corresponding NAGS (National Auto Glass Specifications) number. A process, no doubt, though it is necessary to find the exact, genuine dealer logo’d part.

With a helpful cross-reference list of Dealer to NAGS numbers, we make it simple to get the proper part fast. Whether you order on, call us at 877-630-1389, or visit one of our warehouse locations, you can trust our wholesale service specialists to help you match the right part to your job. And, you’ll be able to have your glass order delivered to you quickly, almost always by the next day.

Allow yourself to focus more attention to service and satisfying your customers. So, when the job calls for dealer logo’d parts, start with Service Autoglass to get the right glass fast.