Remove Any Glass Easily in Minutes with the EQUALIZER® VIPER™

Remove Any Glass Easily in Minutes with the EQUALIZER® VIPER™

While auto glass comes in all shapes and styles, one tool removes everything quickly and with no physical stress: the Equalizer® Viper™.

This easy-to-use glass removal tool offers enormous advantages to shop owners and technicians everywhere because of its efficiency, versatility and cost-effectiveness. With its wire cut-out functionality, it saves time and reduces physical strain while handling the tighter tolerances between the glass and the body in today’s vehicles.

The Viper saves time and reduces physical strain.

Invented in 1987, Equalizer helped technicians address glass-removal problems with “cab forward” design, which had become popular in U.S. autos. While this design opened up room in the passenger compartment, its structure required increased amounts of urethane to hold the windshield in place. This made removing the windshield immensely difficult and time-consuming.

With Equalizer, technicians had their solution. What previously required nearly four hours to do now took about 15 minutes.

Since then, Equalizer has taken recommendations from technicians to make refinements and modifications, and additional models were developed, including the Python®. Specifically, making the Python even smaller so it could remove quarter-glass led to the Equalizer Viper in 2014.

Today, the Viper is one of the most popular – and effective – tools a glass shop can own, for some very good reasons.


Designed for removing small, quarter-glass panels, the Viper also works on windshields and back glass. It’s small, light and maneuverable, with a 1/2″ drive ratchet and supplied socket that slips over the Viper’s shaft to rotate the wire reel. The magnetic points on the ratchet shaft keep the ratchet firmly attached to the tool while the double-direction reel means optimal usability.

Prevents Body and Paint Damage

The cut-out wire design of the Viper saves the pinchweld and the glass itself from possible damage. And, it won’t cause scratches like steel blades do. This can save valuable time in priming, and prevents rust from forming on missed areas of damage, making it especially ideal for aluminum bodies.

User Friendly

Along with its maneuverability, the ergonomic Viper reduces physical stress and strain on a technician. Its spool size offers less resistance to make it less tiring to use, and it can cut at 360° so there are no uncomfortable angles to deal with. Plus, the ratchet’s knuckle allows the technician to fit the Viper into even the tightest working areas without difficulty.


Glass-removal tools can cost $1,500 or more. Priced around $500, the Viper is an affordable bargain for small shops everywhere. And, as mentioned above, it reduces repair costs because it doesn’t damage the body or paint – further reducing overall operating costs.

The Viper works with square, round, and braided wire and cord/fiber lines, and comes packaged in a foam-lined canvas case kit that includes:
• Viper Assembly including socket and ratchet
• Clear Protect-A-Dash
• T-Handle Centerstart
• Mini Anchor Cup
• 22m Roll of Squire Wire

Affordable, effective, versatile – the Equalizer Viper makes all car glass equally easy to remove.