Looking Ahead to 2016 – What’s Likely to Affect Your Business

Looking Ahead to 2016 – What’s Likely to Affect Your Business


Winter driving can be tricky, challenging, aggravating, and difficult.

It can also be profitable.

Rough winters mean good business for auto glass repair shops. So when the leaves start to fall, it’s time to get ready for an increase in business.

Rough winters mean good business for auto glass repair shops.

Winter weather is just one of several things to be prepared for as 2016 slowly approaches. Looking ahead, here are some other factors that could impact your business, according to the 2015 Vehicle Glass Repair and Replacement Outlook and a report from IBISWorld

New cars. An estimated 18 million new cars will be on the road in the coming year. And, their owners tend to keep them in the best shape possible. So when the windshield gets a chip, much less a crack, they’re more likely to come visit you to get it repaired or replaced.

Keep in mind, though, that newer windshields resist impact far better than in years past. While safety improvements certainly benefit car owners, they can cause a slower revenue growth for glass repair shops.

Higher employment. As employment rises, so does the number of people who can afford to buy a car. Which means more cars – new and used – and more potential customers for you. While those with older model cars tend to put off getting a chip fixed, the increase in cars creates more opportunities.

Lower gas prices. As gas prices continue to decline, more people are driving more miles. And more miles increases the chances of glass damage requiring your services.

Crumbling infrastructure. It’s no secret to anyone who drives that our roads seem to be falling apart. Potholes, bad pavement, bridges in need of repair – our cars take a beating just going from point A to point B. Not to mention it takes a long time to get road problems fixed. That means more possible damages to cars, especially loose road debris causing chipping and cracked glass.

Severe weather. As mentioned above, weather plays a big part in the auto glass business. The ice and cold of winter, along with its freezing and thawing, can wreak havoc on windshields. And even for those areas who don’t get snow, bad weather of any kind creates conditions that can damage auto glass. Hail, high winds, heavy rain making visibility difficult – glass damage can occur in any kind of bad weather.

2016 and severe winter weather may seem far away right now but it’s never too early to start planning for the success of your business.

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