Key Factors to Consider When Scheduling Appointments

Key Factors to Consider When Scheduling Appointments


How many customers can your shop service in one day? To stay profitable, you need to work on a certain number of vehicles daily. But what number is right for you and your shop?

Two good averages to go by: It should take about 45 minutes to work on a vehicle in-shop, and one technician can generally handle 6-8 vehicles per day.

Of course, there are many factors affecting that average. To help you schedule your work day accordingly, here are some them to keep in mind:


How many techs you have on staff plays a key role. Having two technicians each day works for most shops. If you’re in a larger market, or have a large shop, you’ll need more staff on hand than a mom-and-pop shop, or one in a small market. And, knowing their capabilities and skill levels help you plan your schedule.

With experienced techs, you can increase your efficiency and schedule more appointments. They’ll know just what tools and supplies will be needed to do the necessary work on each vehicle, and have them ready to use. This saves time walking back and forth to the tool crib looking for one tool after another while in the middle of a job.

In addition, an experienced tech can often work on two vehicles at the same time, priming one while handling the repair work on another.

That’s why ongoing training and supervision is so valuable. The better your techs get, the more efficient they become, and the more vehicles you can schedule each day.


To help techs be efficient, it’s important to have a well-stocked tool crib. Maintaining a good selection of tools, sundries, and other equipment to handle the wide variety of vehicle glass is crucial to taking care of customers quickly. Having a crib stocked with versatile, hard-working tools is critical to the overall workflow of your shop.


Understandably, the amount of time necessary to complete each job varies with the vehicle. Knowing ahead of time the challenges posed by a particular vehicle helps you schedule plenty of time to work on it.

Some go quickly, while others present a time-consuming task to remove and replace based on different reasons. The vehicle’s design, ADAS windshields, getting the exact windshield model, if the vehicle is a convertible – all these and more affect the time involved.

Then, there are popular vehicles you’re likely to see on a frequent basis. That’s why keeping their windshields in stock can help you save work time when they come into your shop.


You can’t control how many people have glass problems needing repaired or replaced. That all depends on circumstances outside your control, such as inclement weather or poor road conditions.

However, you can control how much you promote your services. To have a steady supply of customers, keeping your name out in front of the public is essential.

So be sure you:

  • Maintain a continuous advertising presence in your local newspaper and on area radio stations.
  • Regularly update your website and your Facebook page to strengthen your relationship with your community and customers.
  • Take advantage of such customer-attracting incentives as coupons, either in print or online, to drive business your way.

By considering these factors, you’ll know how many jobs to schedule each day so you can take good care of your customers – and your bottom line.