How to Keep Your Shop in Tip-Top Condition

How to Keep Your Shop in Tip-Top Condition


    You care about your customers. You care about your employees. You care about running a successful business.

    So be sure you care about your shop as well. Does it make customers feel welcome? Do employees feel good about coming to work? Does it look like a successful business?

    Taking good care of your shop is just as critical as taking good care of your customers. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your shop looking sharp.

    Keep the Working Areas Clean

    A clean shop is a happy shop, so be sure you:

    • Establish a daily cleaning schedule, especially for the shop floor.
    • Do a quick cleanup after each job – sweep the floor, put all tools and equipment away, etc.
    • Train your employees to get on the keep-it-clean bandwagon so they’re always focused on cleanliness.
    • Keep tools clean and sanitized.
    • Check for leaks under vehicles – oil, antifreeze, etc. – and clean them up.
    • Immediately clean up any messes, spilled fluids, broken glass, etc. to help prevent accidents.
    • Do a thorough shop cleanup once a month.

    Stay Organized

    Having a place for everything makes it easy to find whatever you need. To help keep your shop in order be sure to:

    • Keep your tools organized and stored in a specified location, and return them to their proper place after each usage.
    • Have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand and stored where they’re easily accessible.
    • Safely store all chemicals, liquids, and hazardous materials according to their directions.
    • Provide ample, well-marked storage space for everything: tools, equipment, supplies, inventory, etc.

    Make Customers Comfortable

    Your shop is always important, but what about the front of house? Keep your business’ impression to customers in tip-top shape by:

    • Seeing that the restrooms are always clean.
    • Making sure the waiting room is clean and comfortable.
    • Keeping the front door clean. If something that’s visible to customers is dirty, they’ll wonder how clean and well-maintained the areas are they don’t see.
    • Sprucing up areas the customer can see, like the waiting room and workplace. Use warm, neutral colors, and hang appropriate items such as safety posters on the walls. Yes, you do have a hard-working place of business, but it can still be pleasing and comforting to your customers.

    Treat your customers like guests by making sure the waiting room is clean and comfortable.

    Maintain Your Building

    You can’t focus only on the work areas. Keep your entire building in shape by:

    • Replacing any burned-out bulbs so everything stays well-lit.
    • Ensuring all your electrical systems are functioning properly.
    • Keeping your garage doors in good working condition.
    • Keeping the interior and exterior in good repair – walls, roof, ceiling, etc.
    • Immediately clearing any walkways of snow, leaves, and other debris.

    Your main goal is to keep your shop looking its physical best.

    Overall, your main goal is to keep your shop looking its physical best. Plus, a clean, well-organized shop is also more efficient, making it easier to handle more customers..

    Inside and out, its appearance is a direct reflection of you. So be sure to let it work hard for you just like it allows you to work hard for your customers.