ADAS: Changing Car Safety – And The Way You Do Business

ADAS: Changing Car Safety – And The Way You Do Business


Once found mainly in higher end vehicles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are now available on vehicles at nearly every price point, providing safety benefits to drivers and pedestrians.

And as we previously discussed, the windshield plays a key role in ADAS.

Embedded cameras and sensors in the glass help operate lane-departure warnings, collision avoidance systems, automatic rain-sensing wipers, night vision systems, and more.

Because windshields are such an integral part of ADAS, you’re going to encounter more and more customers with ADAS technology in the glass.

Replacement and Recalibration Issues

After replacing such a windshield, it requires recalibration to ensure the ADAS in the new glass works properly.

Complicating the matter is that some vehicle manufacturers are requesting only dealer logo’d glass be used for replacement jobs since their dealers are often the only ones with recalibration equipment. In addition, insurance companies are also specifying dealer logo’d glass for replacement jobs when settling claims.

ADAS-equipped vehicles are now available at nearly every price point.

While the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents manufacturers from requiring only dealer logo’d glass be used for a replacement job, the issue can be confusing for vehicle owners. So, it’s best to protect yourself by knowing what manufacturers are telling their dealers about ADAS glass, and what insurance companies are telling their policyholders.

How to Handle ADAS Concerns

This requires you to be even more diligent about the replacement glass you use. Here are a few steps to take:

  • Check the vehicle manufacturer’s current policies to ensure you’re using dealer logo’d glass.
  • Tell customers to check with their insurance company to see what kind of glass must be used for a replacement claim.
  • Let your customers know their glass needs to be recalibrated for their ADAS to work properly.
  • If your shop is capable of recalibrating ADAS glass, you still need to be aware of current manufacturer and insurance company policies.
  • Protect your business by staying knowledgeable about rapidly changing ADAS technology and how it can impact you.

ADAS provides a welcome level of safety in today’s vehicles. Keep your customers – and your business – safe by being ready for each ADAS replacement situation.