5 Leadership Tips for Every Small Business Owner

5 Leadership Tips for Every Small Business Owner


So you’re running your own business. Congratulations! You’re in charge of your own destiny because you’re the boss, the head honcho, the big cheese, the top dog.

Which means it’s up to you to provide the smart leadership necessary to keep your business running smoothly – and profitably.

You have to provide smart leadership to keep your business running smoothly – and profitably.

Build Leadership Skills to Build Your Business

Whether you’re just getting your business off the ground or you’re an old pro, continually improving your leadership skills is essential to your success. To help you stay on track, here are five key traits every leader should possess and develop:

1. Have a Vision

It’s critical to establish a vision for your business, so you know what you want your business to accomplish. Do you want to increase sales by a certain percentage each year? Do you want to open additional locations? Do you want to make your community a better place?

A clear vision shows the direction you need to take and helps you see what your business’s future could become by remaining true to it.

2. Be Focussed

A firmly-established vision sharpens your focus on all aspects of your business. Your decisions will be based on how they help you achieve your goals, from the employees you hire, to the equipment you buy, to planning a yearly budget.

Focus also strengthens your ability to recognize opportunities to innovate and improve. Staying focused on what’s truly important to your success helps channel your strategic thinking in the right direction.

3. Communicate

You can’t do everything by yourself. You have to rely on your team. That’s why it’s important to communicate clearly – and constantly – with all of your employees. Share your vision with them. Explain why you made the decisions you made. Answer their questions honestly.

Doing so ensures they always know what’s expected of them. Communication serves to unify your team by keeping them engaged and enthused, motivating them to take ownership in every task.

4. Be Accountable

You need to lead by example – and set the example and expectations for your team to follow. That means being accountable for your decisions and the results they produce. And if you make a mistake, own up to it. That gives you more credibility when you need to address an employee’s mistake.

It’s important that people know you’re the decision-maker and that you’ll take charge in all situations – and that you’ll be fully accountable for the actions you take.

5. Listen

To be a good leader means to be a good listener. Encourage your employees to offer feedback on any aspect of their jobs – and really listen to what they have to say. They can provide valuable insights and ideas that can make your business better and more profitable. Plus it allows you to address concerns before they become large problems.

Truly listening makes your team feel important and keeps morale high, because they feel valued when they know their opinion matters.

Businesses don’t become successful all on their own. Someone has to lead the way. Since you know where you want your business to go, make sure you know how to lead it there.